Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc. (MBI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Boris Segalowich as President of Mirexus Inc.   Mirexus Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary company of MBI, and is focused on applications of it’s unique, plant-based active ingredient PhytoSpherix® in the personal care industry.

“Boris joined as VP Personal Care in June this year and has quickly demonstrated the skills and knowledge needed to lead this business”, says Phil Whiting, CEO of MBI.  “Our personal care business offers great growth potential for us, and needed his leadership and experience.”

PhytoSpherix® is a patented, natural form of highly-purified phytoglycogen extracted in a proprietary manufacturing process.  The material is Cosmos certified, dermatologist approved and validated as edible in Canada and Europe.   Recent results include dramatic anti-aging data from a 3rd party clinical trial which showed high quality wrinkle reduction, skin smoothness improvement and skin whitening.  It also provides substantial benefit as a skin moisturizer.

“PhytoSpherix® matches all the features our industry is expecting from an ingredient, from being a globally approved, wholly natural extract though exhibiting high efficacy and adding sensorial benefits to formulations,” said Boris.  “I feel very honoured to have this opportunity to contribute to the success of Mirexus”.

Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc. (MBI) is a Canadian natural products company with a commitment to the development of applications of PhytoSpherix® across multiple industries.  MBI recently announced the construction of dedicated manufacturing factory, scheduled for opening in June 2018.