Mirexus Inc.


Mirexus Inc. is a natural biomaterials company based in Guelph, Ontario that offers unique, natural solutions to the Personal Care & Cosmetics industries.


Our proprietary bio-material PhytoSpherix® is composed of natural, corn-based, phyto-glycogen particles, which have the unique advantage of being safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.


This opens a wide range of applications where the unique properties of a bio-material can be applied to products that are safe for human use. A small amount can add functionality as a moisturizer, stabilizer, film former or encapsulant. No competing materials on the market present the wide range of advantages of PhytoSpherix®.


Aside from being safe and natural, this botanical extract shows an intriguing variety of unique, diverse and valuable properties.  As a multifunctional additive, PhytoSpherix® can be used to improve skin hydration and barrier function, improve the feel of formulations, and enhance the performance of other actives by stabilizing them from thermo and/or photodegradation.

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