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Mirexus’ phytoglycogen designated as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by an external expert panel.

Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc., is pleased to announce that an expert panel has determined the use of phytoglycogen in various foods and beverages to be GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).  The expert review panel was made up of 3 independent scientists, qualified by their relevant national and international experience and scientific training to evaluate the safety of food ingredients.

Mirexus’ phytoglycogen, trademarked under the names “Susttain™” PhytoSpherix™, Adveen™ and NanoDendrix™, is a white, odorless powder that consists primarily of phytoglycogen, (phytoglycogen is the plant form of glycogen).

 “Getting recognized as GRAS goes beyond our strict compliance to industry standards and reaffirms our company’s values of transparency and safety,” says Phil Whiting, President & CEO.  “Adding GRAS to our recent validations in Canada and Europe means we now have very wide acceptance that our phytoglycogen is safe for human consumption.”

Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc. is a biomaterials company based in Guelph, Canada that is commercializing a Safe and Natural phytoglycogen extracted from sweet corn that can be used in applications from skin-care to nutrition to animal and human health. Originally developed in the University of Guelph in the laboratories of Professor John Dutcher; this technology is now being marketed globally.