Safe & Natural Nanotechnology

Regulatory Compliance

Mirexus’ Phytoglycogen Nanoparticle is not classified as a nanomaterial by regulatory and certification bodies because it is:

  • Water soluble (individual molecules remain in solution indefinitely)
  • Not biopersistant – the material is quickly and easily degraded to simple sugars in the environment and in the body
  • Not intentionally manufactured – it is simply extracted from corn in the same state as it is found in nature

Safety Profile

Non toxic

▪ LD50 Limit Test – no toxicity
▪ No in vivo or in vitro (cell culture) toxicity
▪ Stimulates cell respiration and growth

Non Immunogenic

▪ No induction of inflammatory response
▪ No activation of phagocytes
▪ Very low uptake by monocytes

HRIPT (Human repeat Insult Patch Test )

▪ No signs of cutaneous irritation / skin sensitization
▪ Non-irritating and hypoallergenic


▪ Fast, complete digestion
▪ Fast degradation in liver