Phytoglycogen Nano-Particles


For many years, scientists have been trying to produce safe, cost effective nanomaterials.  It turns out that nature had already solved that problem, and the solution was sitting right on our dinner plates. Mirexus has taken what nature has given us in non-GMO corn and extracted a nanomaterial that is completely safe (edible), water soluble and biodegradeable.

Phytoglycogen , Glycogen







The platform material Mirexus’ phytoglycogen is a natural biopolymer that can be extracted in the form of completely uniform-sized nanoparticles. Those particles have many unique & desirable properties that form the basis of the Mirexus business plan.


Phytoglycogen Nano-Particle

• Isolated from non-GMO corn
• Highly purified carbohydrate
• Non-toxic, non-allergenic
• Biodegradable / Biocompatible
• Monodisperse and uniformly spherical
• Highly water soluble/dispersable
• Chemically modifiable
– Hydrophilic, but can be made hydrophobic
– Non-ionic, but anionic or cationic groups easily introduced on surface
– Easy to attach molecules to the surface


• Ingredient stabilizer
• Formulation stabilizer
• Solubility/Bioavailability enhancer
• Drug delivery vehicle
• lmmunomodulator
• Anti-infective agent